Almost equal. How to ensure equal access to politics for women in Lviv? — Announcement

On October 16 at 10:30 in the “Svit Kavy” cafe (Lviv, 6 Cathedral Str, 2nd floor)  a public discussion “Almost equal. How to ensure equal access to politics in Ukraine?” will be held

The event will be held under the special theme “Women. Equality. Policy” of the 5th International Competition “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries “, organized by NGO Center UA.

In developed democracies, women’s participation in political life is steadily increasing. In Ukraine, however, there is a significant imbalance of women in higher authorities: for example, women deputies make up only 12.3% of the current composition of the Parliament (according to the Open Source Database of the Verkhovna Rada). Public discussion is one of many necessary steps that should actualize the problem and help to overcome prejudices in Ukrainian society.

Discussion participants:

  • Yulia Gvozdovich, deputy of the Lviv city council, chair of the permanent deputy commission of legality, deputy activity and freedom of speech Lviv City Council
  • Volodymyr Beglov, Head of the Board of the Center for Human Rights in Lviv
  • Aksina Kurina, coordinator of the  “Stop the censorship! Citizens for Free Countries ” contest (NGO Center UA)
  • Andriy Shevtsiv, deputy of the Lviv city council of the 7th convocation;
  • Victoria Dovzhyk, Head of the Department of Economics, advisor to the mayor of Lviv;
  • Anatoliy Romanyuk, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Professor of Political Science at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv;
  • Taras Podvirny, member of the UKROP political council
  • Ulyana Pak, deputy head of the FPP Solidarity faction in LMD
  • Lubomyr Melnychuk, head of the Lviv city organization “Svoboda”
  • Yaroslav Konopka, Head of the executive committee of the LOO PE “People’s Front”

Moderation: Natalia Sokolenko, journalist of “Public Radio”.

Discussion Questions:

  • Is there discrimination against women in Ukrainian politics at the local and national levels?
  • How can discrimination of women in Ukrainian politics be overcome?
  • What will society gain as a result of the increased representation of women in politics?
  • Teachers and students, public activists, journalists, representatives of political parties and executive authorities are invited to the discussion.

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The idea of ​​the contest arose in the middle of the journalists of the Stop Censorship! Movement in 2010, and thanks to the activists of the NGO Center UA, it turned into an independent project that will be held in fifth place in 2018. The competition is an interdisciplinary project that distinguishes a democratic format – everyone can participate, regardless of education, citizenship or age.

In the 5th International Contest “Stop the Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries” was attended by Ukrainian and foreign participants  from 19 countries, including Poland, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Ecuador, China, etc. The Contest  received 610 works of various formats.

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