The winners of the main theme were announced at the exhibition opening in Kyiv Metro

The exhibition is dedicated to the Day of Remembrance for Georgiy Gongadze and all the dead journalists during the period of independent Ukraine.

During the opening of the exhibition, a briefing was held with the participation of journalists: Natalia Sokolenko, Hromadske Radio; Nastya Stanko, “Hromadske”; Svetlana Ostapa, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the portal Media Detector; Natalia Makogon, advisor to the head of the Kiev metro; Aksinya Kurina, coordinator of the International contest “Stop censored! Citizens for Free Countries”, NGO Centre UA.

Natalia Sokolenko, “Hromadske Radio”

Participants noted the importance of supporting public attention to the protection of freedom of speech and the responsibility of politicians for its preservation.

“Impunity breeds new crimes against journalists. A fresh example of impunity is the fate of Judge Sergei Slinko. In 2003, he released from custody the murderer of journalist Georgy Gongadze — General Pukach. This allowed the killer to hide from the investigation and punishment for another 5 years. This year, Judge Sergei Slinko entered the new Supreme Court. Members of the VKKS and GRP – bodies, assessed the integrity and professionalism of candidates for the new Supreme Court – did not notice this fact in the biography of Judge Slinko. President Poroshenko remained indifferent to this fact and signed a decree on appointing Sinko as a judge of the Supreme Court, “noted journalist Natalya Sokolenko.

Journalist Nastya Stanko noted that the contest “Stop censored! Citizens for Free Countries” is held not to let journalists and society forget that freedom of speech is a responsibility.

“The Ukrainian president says that Ukraine has an unprecedented freedom of speech. It’s difficult to disagree. On the one hand, in Ukraine everyone has a platform to say: if it’s not popular medias, you can always create one of your own or to write to facebook, or have a YouTube channel. You can write and say everything. But freedom of speech, apart from the possibility of expressing itself, also provides for responsibility for information. And here, as a rule, problem begins. Problems for those who work with the information responsibly. While you extract truthful information, you are already discredited through dozens of false messages. As long as you disprove a dozen, a hundred new ones appear. The journalism of emotions defeats the journalism of facts. But the facts are still matter. Therefore, this award in order to remind that freedom of speech is, first of all, responsibility.”

Nastya Stanko, Hromadske

The adviser of the head of the Kyiv subway, Natalia Makogon, summed up that the Kiev Metro supports the project in the third time and will continue to do that in the future.

“This is not the first time we support this Contest, since the Kiev Metro do its best to be open to the media . We are convinced that only full access to information enables effective cooperation with journalists without fake news or pseudo-sensations.”

Nastya Stanko, Hromadske, Natalia Makagon, the adviser of the head of the Kyiv subway, Aksynya Kurina, coordinator of the Contest

During the opening of the exhibition the winners were announced the main theme of the contest, they were determined by a jury composed of: Vera Baldinuk, journalist, editor, magazine KORYDOR; Konstantin Martsenkovsky, designer, Illustrator Club Pictoric; Maxim Lunochkin, activist, “Digital Security Laboratory”; Evgeny Semenenko, designer, Association of Young Designers “Stoit”; Nastya Stanko, journalist, “Public”; Love Yakimchuk; poetess, scriptwriter.

In the “Images” category , the winner was the work Management is not monitoring — Lijie Yang.

The jury also identified the winners: Fake News — Qiuwen Li / Are you shure?Maria Kostukova / Fake News Patrycja Longawa / Big Brother is watching You — Mingliang Li.

The winner in the category “Poem” —  “Radio 200”, author — Artem Polezhaka .

The jury decided not to award in the “Slogan”, “Text”, “Multimedia” categories.

Anton Gusakovsky received a special prize from the organizers for a series of posters on the main page and special topics “Women: Equality, Politics.”

The winners of the special theme of the contest will be announced on September 18 in the America House.

5th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries” is prepared under the Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark during 2015-2018.

The opinions, attitudes, and assessments contained in the report do not necessarily reflect those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the United Nations Development Programme or other UN Agencies.

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Photos — Andriy Krepkyh